Our Services

We carry out fabrication of engineering products implementing modern technique & approaches with traditional engineering practices according to designs/drawings of our clients & standard specifications. The products are delivered to Steel, Cement, Aluminum, Power Sectors & many other industries within India & abroad.

Our Product

  • Casing & hopper of Electro Static precipitators & Bag Filters
  • Internals of Electro Static Precipitators like GD Screen,
  • Emitting Electrodes, Collecting & emitting suspensions, Rapping Mechanism & Hammers etc
  • Furnace Casings
  • Cold Boxes for Oxygen Plant
  • Pressure vessels & storage Tanks,
  • Bucket Elevators,
  • Heat Exchangers,
  • Reactors
  • Chimney & Ducts
  • All kinds of Structures